capital rasing, company, companies, IPO, initial public offering, ASX, Australian, entrepreneur  Have you got a successful existing company or an exciting start-up business concept? Would extra funds help you realise your dreams? Then perhaps it's time to expand your horizons.

  Whether you need to raise funds in order to expand your business, franchise retail outlets, secure IP (Intellectual Property), develop property, make strategic acquisitions, embark on research & development projects or even for the purpose of simply reducing corporate debt, it may be time for you to establish an appropriate company structure and become Investor Ready.

  We can help you to structure your business in accordance with the law, to raise capital and to match your business with strategic investment ! Please feel free to explore our site and learn more.


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 Our goal is to make ourselves familiar with your business model and to work with your existing accountants, solicitors and  financiers. Our mission is to develop long-term relationships, predominantly with growing private companies/SMEs (Small to Medium Enterprises).

 We can then help you to structure your business in a manner that is acceptable to prospective investors, business angels, financiers and venture capitalists in accordance with the Corporations Act  2001.

Raise money on the Australian Capital Markets, NSW, VIC, QLD, SA, NT, TAS, WA, ACT, Melbourne, Sydney, Adelaide, Darwin, Perth, Hobart, Brisbane, CanberraInventors, entrepreneurs, and companies in expansion mode, seeking investment for their company, often fail to secure funds because they have not addressed all the elements that investors look for in an investment.

The correct compilation of documentation that meets ASIC's criteria for investment in Small and Medium Enterprises within Australia is critical in the search for capital.

Our many years of experience in the formatting and the presentation of documents has proven to be successful and will give you the best start possible without spending a fortune.


Class Order [CO 02/273], [CO 00/192], ASIC, Corporations Act 2001  is operating a business introduction and matching service pursuant to ASIC Class Order [CO 02/273].

Class Order [CO 02/273] provides an exemption from the fundraising provisions of the Corporations Act 2001 for persons involved in making or calling attention to offers of securities through a business introduction service. asks potential investors to familiarise themselves with the Class Order prior to entering into any transactions.matelas double extra large

 We can assist businesses and Investors alike throughout Australia including the following states and capital cities: New South Wales - NSW, Victoria - VIC, Queensland - QLD, South Australia - SA, Northern Territory - NT, Tasmania - TAS, Western Australia - WA, Australian Capital Territory - ACT, Melbourne, Sydney, Adelaide, Darwin, Perth, Hobart, Brisbane, Canberra.

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                             Raising capital can get your business on the road many times faster than the typical SME.
New South Wales, NSW, Queensland, QLD, Vic, Victoria, Western Australia, WA, Perth, Tasmania, TAS,, Brisbane, Sydney, Adelaide, Darwin, Canberra, Hobart, ACT, Nothern Territory,,, otcbb
Having your business investor ready with strategic exit strategies is crucial to securing capital.

A proud member of the Institute of Business Leaders. verandas uk




  • Seed-stage funds invest at the earliest phase of growth to develop a business concept before a company is started. Capital invested at this point is used to help the company become ready to commence operations. Because it’s the earliest stage of development, it is considered the riskiest of the various financing stages.

  • Early-stage funds focus on investing in new companies. Proceeds are used to develop new products. Marketing efforts are initiated. Revenue may exist but, at this capital-intensive stage, profit is minimal or non-existent.

  • Expansion-stage funds provide capital to companies that have already developed products or concepts and have a customer base but need to finance further growth. Revenue may be growing at an increasing rate, but expenses still outstrip sales.

  • Later-stage funds provide finance for companies that have moved beyond the expansion stage and are aiming to increase sales volumes and generate consistent growth. This is considered the final stage of venture capital financing prior to a liquidity event, such as a sale to a larger company or a share-market IPO.

  • Leveraged buy-out (LBO) funds focus on providing the capital to acquire mature companies, often with the support of the existing management team.

  • Management buy-out (MBO) funds provide funding if the existing management of a company wants to buy out the existing owners.

  • Management buy-in (MBI) funds help existing management acquire a greater stake in the company they run in order to increase their incentives.

  • Turnaround funds identify and support companies that require fresh capital and new growth strategies in order to recover from a faltering position.

  • Balanced funds offer an investment strategy that includes a portfolio of companies at a variety of stages of development.

(Source: verandas uk - AVCAL)

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